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- 1,100 + Fan curated Spotify playlists

- Thousands of weekly streams including Spotify Algorithm based playlists

- Over 2.1 million views on fan uploaded content across Youtube

- 12,000 watch hours over six videos on Ovtlier YouTube channel

- Packed hometown shows throughout Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse NY

- International industry interest, including a recent signing with Artery Global UK Booking

- News/Media attention surrounding the opioid epidemic in 'Set The World In Flames' Music Video

- Formerly known as 'Young Bloods', who charted in the Billboard Heatseekers and Top 10 in all regions

"With a die hard work ethic and an any means necessary attitude, Ovtlier is poised for success and intent on National domination. This EP is littered with contagiously catchy choruses and melodic hooks. There is something in each song for every type of fan."

W H A T   D O E S N 'T   K I L L   Y O U    E P


Bonus Material

The Buried Me Alive music video was included on the deluxe edition of feature film 'Fight Valley'. The movie starring UFC Superstars Holy Holm, Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg, and more was released in select theaters across the country, and is available in Walmart and Best Buy as well as airing On Demand and Showtime.

M E D I A   &   P R E S S


P R E S S    S H O T S / L O G O S    F O R    D O W N L O A D

T  O U R S   &   O N E   O F F S

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OVTLIEr/I Hate Heroes

6/18/2018 Spark, Syracuse

6/19/2018 Roxy & Dukes, New Jersey

6/21/2018 Kingsland, NY

6/22/2018 The Champ, PA

6/24/2018 Mohawk Place, NY



3/9/2018 Music Lynxx, OH

3/11/2018 The Champ, PA

3/12/2018 Gold Sounds, NY

3/14/2018 The Press Club, WV

3/15/2018 Bethel Rd Pub, OH

3/16/2018 Counter Culture, MI

3/17/2018 Hoosier Dome, IN

3/18/2018 Southgate House Revival, KY

3/19/2018 Fubar, MO

3/21/2018 The Smiling Moose, PA


Thanx-killing fest

11/24/2017 Middle East, MA

11/25/2017 Webster Theater, CT

11/26/2017 The Champ, PA

11/28/2017 Revolution, NY

11/29/2017 Canal Club, VA

11/30/2017 House of Independents, NJ

12/1/2017 Rex Theater, PA

12/2/2017 One Center Square, PA

12/3/2017 Montage Music Hall, NY

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